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Do you have a discord server?

We sure do! Click here to join the conversation!

What type of games does The Queen’s Realm sell?

The Queen’s Realm sells a variety of games:  strategy, party, family classics, Warhammer 40k & Age of Sigmar, Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, Shatterpoint, Marvel, Witcher, Euro board games, paints, accessories, and more!

What types of events are happening at The Queen’s Realm?

Weekly Pokémon, Magic (coming soon), Shatterpoint, One-Shot RPGs, Board Game nights PLUS lots of creative and unique theme events! 

Am I allowed to host a campaign at the store?

Let us know what kind of campaign and game system you’re planning on hosting and we’ll see if we can work it into the schedule.

Can I make a special order?

Of course! Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll make sure we get it in stock as soon as possible.

Do you sell online?

Nope, we are a local game store serving the Roy, South Ogden, and Riverdale areas.

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5451 1900 West, Roy, Utah 84067, United States


Call us! (385) 423-2556


Visit us at 5451 1900 West, Roy, Utah 84067, United States

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